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The Trustees of the Joint Facilities Benefits Trust (JFBT) are notifying you regarding your Health Benefits plan which will be changing on January 1, 2022, and also to advise you of a plan design review in 2021-2022 that could result in additional plan changes in the future. The upcoming plan changes and the ongoing plan review are being undertaken by the Trustees of the JFBT to ensure the JFBT Benefits plan can address the broader needs of the members today and into the future. For your information and planning we have highlighted upcoming changes to your Extended Health and Dental Plan below:

On January 1, 2022, three changes to your Extended Health and Dental plan will take effect:
     1. The Deductible will be Eliminated:  Today your plan requires you to pay a $100 deductible before your 
           extended health claim is fully reimbursed by Pacific Blue Cross. As of January 1, 2022, you will no longer have             to pay a deductible when submitting an extended health or dental claim to Pacific Blue Cross for     
     2. Eye Exams will be Reimbursed:  Today your plan does not included reimbursement for eye exams.
           On January 1, 2022, your plan will reimburse up to $100 per calendar year for each of you and your family
     3. Contraceptives will be Reimbursed:  Today your drug coverage does not include reimbursement for     
           contraceptives. On January 1, 2022, your plan will include reimbursement for contraceptives that are 
           included on the BC Pharmacare formulary. Contraceptives that are not on this formulary will not be 

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information. If you have concerns or questions about the upcoming changes to your extended health and dental plan you can email planchangequestions@JFBT.ca. Member concerns sent to this email will not receive a direct response but will be addressed through an FAQ that will be on the JFBT website. Updates to the FAQ will be made in a timely manner. To receive updates from the JFBT please make sure your email with PBC is current.

Frequently Asked Questions:
     1. Do any of my dependents have to pay a deductible?
          No. The deductible will be eliminated as of January 1, 2022.

     2. Which contraceptives are covered?
           Your drug plan is aligned with the BC Pharmacare formulary. Contraceptives included on the BC Pharmacare
           formulary will also be reimbursed.

     3. Which contraceptives are not covered?
          The BC Pharmacare formulary is subject to change as new drugs come to market and/or as PharmaCare
          makes new listing decisions. Please visit BC Pharmacare
          (https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-drug-coverage/pharmacare-for-bc-residents for more information.
          The following contraceptives are NOT included and therefore not reimbursed under your 
drug plan:
                   •  EVRA
                   •  NUVARING
                   •  NEXPLANON 
                   •  SELECT 1/35 (28-DAY)
                   •  SEASONIQUE 
                   •  INDAYO
                   •  MYA
                   •  LOLO
                   •  ELLA
                   •  YAZ PLUS
                   •  SEASONALE
                   •  SELECT 1/35 (21-DAY)
                   o  Non-Medicated IUDs: PharmaCare only covers medicated IUDs which contain a drug (such as Mirena).  
                        Non-medicated IUDs will not be eligible.

     4. Where can I find information about the BC Pharmacare formulary?
           Please visit BC Pharmacare https://pharmacareformularysearch.gov.bc.ca/for more information.

     5. Who can I speak with about an Extended Health or Dental claim issue or reimbursement amount?
          Please contact PBC Call Center at (604) 419-2000 or https://www.pac.bluecross.ca/contact/  for questions   
 concerns about your Extended Health and Dental claim reimbursement.

     6. Will each of my dependents be reimbursed for an eye exam?
          Yes. Each of your dependents will be eligible for eye exam reimbursement as long as they are enrolled under
          your benefits plan.

     7. Will my Extended Health and Dental plan still have a co-insurance provision?
           Yes, your plan will still require you pay 20% of your claim. The co-insurance provision remains unchanged.

     8. Have my LTD benefits changed?
           No. At this time no other benefits under your plan have changed.

     9. Who decided that the benefit plan should change?
           The Trustees of the JFBT are responsible for managing all aspects of your benefits plan including   
           considerations and implementation for plan design changes. More information regarding the JFBT and the
           Trustees responsibilities are described on the JFBT website.

     10. Will there be more plan changes?
             In 2021/2022 the JFBT Trustees will complete a plan review. Member feedback will be invited and taken
             into  consideration in decision making about the benefits and future changes.

     11. Can I participate in the plan review?
            More information on the plan review and your input will be posted on www.jfbt.ca and email news will also be sent 
            to you if you have provided your email when you enrolled in the benefits plan.

     12. Do I have to pay for these plan changes?
            No. (Only members who are on leave or in receipt of LTD benefits are required by the plan to pay for their
            health benefits.)

     13. Who can I contact about these plan changes?
             You may send your feedback to planchangequestions@JFBT.ca.

     14. Where can I find more information about the Joint Facilities Benefits Trust?
             Information about the Joint Facilities Benefits Trust, the Trustees of the JFBT and the Benefits Design 
             Review Committee can be found at www.jfbt.ca.

More information on your plan and these changes:
Your Health Benefits are provided by the Joint Facilities Benefits Trust (JFBT). This Trust was established on April 1, 2017, to ensure you receive Extended Health and Dental, Long Term Disability, Group Life and Accidental Death benefits. In 2020 the Trustees of the JFBT established a formal Benefits Design Review Committee (BDRC). The BDRC assists the Board by reviewing and soliciting member feedback and input, and making recommendations regarding health and welfare benefits packages, among other initiatives including the ongoing Plan Review in 2021-2022 which could result in additional changes to your benefits plan.

Please note members represented by the Facilities Bargaining Association but who were disabled prior to
April 1, 2017, are covered by the Healthcare Benefits Trust not the JFBT. As a result, plan changes do not apply.